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105th Weather Flight, 118th Wing talks weather at Dr. William Burrus Elementary
118th Wing, Tennessee Air National Guard
Video by Senior Airman Yonette Martin
April 11, 2024 | 2:06
Members of the 105th Weather Flight at the 118th Wing visited Dr. William Burrus Elementary School in Hendersonville, TN, to teach students about weather science and safety, Apr. 5, 2024.

Students engaged in fun activities while learning how the weather works, where it comes from, why it changes, and the potential impact it has to our lives.

As part of their community and education outreach program, Tennessee Air National Guardsman, SrA Jesse Helms said “We love coming out here because it's a really good training opportunity and environment to come out and engage with the community.”
“Something we talked about in the presentation is how the weather affects all of us,” he continues. “Every single day, it’s about what you wear and what activities are you able to do.”

The 118th Wing fosters a culture of building intentional relationships when it comes to educating our community.

SrA Alex Wiseman, who also participated in the program explains that “To be a weather person means to be that voice of the world in a way to make sure that they're informed to do what they have to do”.

Thanks for inviting us Dr. Williams Burrus Elementary.

Footage was collected and combined in a stringer for later use, archiving purposes and future reference. (U.S. Air National Guard video by SSgt Yonette Martin.)