Environmental Management

The 118th Wing is committed to keeping a low environmental footprint through base wide distribution of environmental literature and base wide environmental awareness training.  The 118th Wing adheres to Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 90-8 and 32-70, which serves as the Environmental Policy for the Air Force and Air National Guard, and meets the ISO 14001, 2015 Environmental Policy requirements.  The policy directives located at the following website www.e-publishing.af.mil.

PFOS/PFOA Statement

The 118th Wing, Berry Field, located at the Nashville International Airport performed a preliminary assessment / site investigation (PA/SI) under the direction of the National Guard Bureau to determine the absence or presence of Perfluoro octane and Perfluorooctanoic acid.  The results of the PA/SI showed a presence of both substances in the soil, surface water and ground water.  The substances were found in the soil to be nearly 100 times less than the EPA’s regional screening levels.  However, the ground water and surface water tested to be only slightly over the EPA’s Health Advisory* levels.  A Remedial Investigation will be conducted to determine the source of the chemicals listed above and to delineate the affected boundary since Berry Field receives surface and ground water from adjacent properties that could be the origin of the chemicals.  Please contact the 118th WG Public Affairs office for further information at (615) 660-8062.

*EPA Health Advisory - A non-regulatory health-based reference level of chemical traces in drinking water at which there are no adverse health risks when ingested over various periods of time.