118th Wing Recruiting

The Tennessee Air National Guard has been protecting the freedoms of our country and our state since 1921. As the world changes, so has the mission of the Guard. Over the years, we have participated in many missions that have sent our members all over the world. 

Our strength and readiness capabilities have made us a powerful force among the military community. With our ever increasing requirements to help preserve world peace and to support the active duty Air Force, we are looking for individuals just like YOU, who are interested in the best part-time job in America. 

As you may know, by becoming a guard member you will receive the training necessary that will not only help fulfill our mission but will also increase your knowledge and proficiency in the civilian community. You will also be eligible for some great benefits such as job experience, technical training, college tuition assistance, life insurance, a retirement plan, and many travel opportunities just for serving. 

As a traditional guardsmen your obligation will be minimal amounting to only one weekend a month and 15 active duty days a year after your initial training. Today, the Air Guard is filled with men and women who are doctors, lawyers, police officers, cooks, teachers, and factory workers, white and blue-collar workers. They are your civilians in peace and airman in war. We are "Guarding America, Defending Freedom".