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  • First Sergeant leads the way in Nashville

    The Diamond Spotlight shine’s bright on Master Sgt. David, a first sergeant at the 118th Wing. David, who will retire in December, desired to become a first sergeant when he was a child.

  • Doctors, deployments, and dental; How the medical group affects everyone

    Odd looking, one of a kind pieces of equipment are often the only things in a room with sterile, white-washed walls. The smell of alcohol swabs permeates the air. The snap of latex gloves is often the only sound to interrupt the bustle of patients and staff carrying thick files down the halls.For

  • The National Guard Family

    The month of May started with what is now being referred to as the historical 1000-year flood. More than 15 inches of rain fell in many areas of middle Tennessee creating flood water that left the destruction of several homes in its path. For Ashland City resident Jim Johnson, the entire first floor